Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mark Finlay Architects

Mark P. Finlay Architects, A.I.A, is a world renowned architecture firm with offices in New York City and Southport, Connecticut. The firm does beautiful work and has done projects as far away as Costa Rica. The craftsmanship and detail that goes into the homes is unbelievable! Nothing is overlooked and every room has beautiful architectural detail.

Though most of the homes are quite large, they aren't showy or pretentious. Each home's architectural features all relate to one style, and are used correctly. So often you see builders or architects mix many different styles and the home doesn't make sense. This is not the case with Mark Finlay.

Mark Finlay has been in Architectural Digest four times, as well as being featured in 45 other magazines such as House Beautiful, Southern Accents, and Better Homes and Gardens. One of his homes was also featured on MTV's "Teen Cribs" as Kylie's house.

This same home was also featured in the Disney movie "Old Dogs".

Finlay's homes are classic, elegant, and historically accurate, while having modern layouts that cater to today's lifestyle.

Finlay has done homes for many important people, from the President of Fed Ex Ground, to the entrepreneur behind, for which he designed this home with an amazing library:

Though the library is not my taste, the rest of the home is beautiful:

You can see many more beautiful properties here at the firm's website

All pgotos courtesy of Mark Finlay Architects


  1. These are all over my head. But I'm ready for the next party in that library. Sensational is an understatement. Reminds me of the Pitts Theology Library at Emory University at another order of magnitude. I hope places like this don't become white elephants in the next generation.

  2. I hope not! Even though it is not my decor taste, the library is amazing. It seems that one could get lost in there!

  3. These are beautiful homes, built with the finest of craftsmanship. Having grown up in Fairfield County, Connecticut, it seems like there will always be an appetite for this kind of house and top tier architects.

    I just watched the MTV Cribs the house is beautiful, and I have a very high tolerance for luxury, it all seems a bit excessive, no? Still, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute! I had seen the house in Finlay's portfolio last year, but it was great to see it on film.

  4. Yes, it is a bit excessive, I must admit . You are so lucky to have grown up in such a charming place! It has to be in the top ten most beautiful places in the U.S.A., in my opinion.

  5. Wow,Amazing! I love all those photos,specially the 1st one I really wanted to have a house or mansion like that that is located far from the city.Im pretty sure we can breath fresh air on that.

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