Friday, February 18, 2011

Another great architecture firm; Barnes Vanze Architects

Since I am obsessed with architecture, I am often scouring the web for great architect firms. Recently, I came across a wonderful Washington D.C. based firm, Barnes Vanze Architects.

One of my favorite homes on their website, this charming french provincial cottage was designed to look much smaller from the street. From the back, it is much easier to get a true sense of the homes size.

Another one of my favorites is this European country estate in Potomac, MD.

This breath-taking Beaux Arts mansion was originally built in 1926, modeled after a palace built by Napoleon for his first wife, Josephine. After years of neglect, a young family purchased the home, and it was lovingly restored by Barnes Vanze.

Barnes Vanze also does interior design, and the interiors are just as beautiful as the homes, with impeccable attention to detail.

The work of Barnes Vanze Architects has been features in over 100 publications including Period Homes, Southern Living, House beautiful, and Southern Accents.

To see more, please visit their website.

All images courtesy of Barnes Vanze Architects


  1. "charming french provincial cottage" Wow what a street view. Now that I've seen the back I'm a little fuzzy on the cottage thing LOL. I like their Vineyard Farmhouse which also conceals its size and has shapes that are irresistible to me. Thanks so much.

  2. Oh what beautiful homes! I especially love the one in Potomac, MD..absolutely breathtaking! The interiors are also very handsome and elegant...gorgeous each and every one!

  3. What a beautiful world when you have a beautiful house like those on the photos.

    Deirdre G

  4. Wow, really amazing mansions. I am really amaze at mansion that I see even only at pictures or images. You know what, I actually have a picture of my dream home mansion which until now I still dream of. louisiana real estate school

  5. I so love the interior designing.Very cozy and eye catcher.

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