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A beautiful Spitzmiller and Norris design for sale

While looking through the homes for sale in Atlanta, (one of my favorite cities for beautiful houses) I was immediately struck by this beautiful home. After doing a little digging, I found out that that this home was renovated by the very famous architecture home Spitzmiller and Norris. The home is on the market for the small price of $6,950,000. The home is on almost five acres in the very desirable neighborhood of Buckhead. The home was originally built in 1929.

When you enter the foyer, you are greeted by a beautiful winding staircase. I love how you can see straight into the backyard!

The library is by far my favorite room in the house. I love the fireplace, and the paneling gives the room so much character. Even though the walls and furnishings are quite dark, the room seems to get plenty of light through the four windows.

The exquisite kitchen with white cabinets with a dark wood island. I love the marble countertops, but right now it seems Atlanta homebuilders are a little obsessed with them. Nine out of ten of the real estate listings I viewed had white cabinets and marble countertops in the kitchen. Could anyone who lives in the ATL tell me if this is true?

Three photos of the immaculately landscaped backyard. Landscaping by Graham Pittman.

The large, yet cozy family room. I could see my whole family gathering in this room for Christmas.

Another one of my favorite rooms is the elegant dining room:
My sister would LOVE the chair fabric! (light blue and brown are her favorite colors)

If I had the money, I would certainly look into this wonderful home!

See more photos of the home here.
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  1. None of the pictures are coming through, but I know which house this is! It is a beauty, and was selected as one of the 20 most beautiful houses in Atlanta by AH&L. The landscape architect was Graham Pittman, who is also doing the landscape architecture for the house across the street that is currently being built.

    As far as the marble/white kitchen look - yes, that is the look in Atlanta right now! I started to see marble on countertops about 7 or 8 years ago. There was a desire to move away from the ubiquitous granite countertops, and now it seems that marble is ubiquitous!

    Architects and designers seem to like it because it lends an instant feel of permanence and patina to a home. My kitchen designer is the same one who did the kitchen in this house (in the post) 5 years ago, and she feels very confident in using marble for a home, as the sealers have gotten so much better. She does say that a person who wants their countertop absolutely pristine and perfect will not like marble, and it is more of a living surface that changes over time.

    We are strongly leaning towards using marble in my new kitchen, with a solid slab for the backsplash too. I really don't like granite, so I am not sure there are really many other options. Corian is not really an option, and caesarstone is too contemporary for the kitchen. As far as the colors of the cabinets - we have not decided yet. We are working on the color palette of the house first. But, they will be painted, that's for sure! It's the Atlanta look!

  2. Sorry about the pictures, I just noticed that today, and I am working to fix it. I personally love the look of marble, and I think I will put marble countertops in my next home. (just started the design phase) In my are, they are less prevalent, but I have seen them in quite a few new high-end spec homes. I love the look, and I like the character the little nicks and stains give to the marble.

    In the home I currently live in (built almost 11 years ago) we have dark granite with cypress cabinets(the home is modeled after the work of A. Hays Town, as I originally hail from Louisiana) and I am getting sick of the dark kitchen. Marble looks so bright and fresh. It is definitely more of my style than the granite I have now.

    Best of luck on your new home!

    P.S.- once I tried reloading the page, the pictures came through. I don't know why the don't the first time, though

  3. Sorry, I meant area, not are. And if the pictures still wont load, you can press the RRS button in the URL, then press it again to go back to the normal post, the pictures should be there.

  4. PS - I have been having email conversations with two women who are currently building in Georgia, and they are both looking seriously at Georgia granite. Apparently it is very hard, and quite white. I think that we are leaning towards calacutta marble, which is white with gray and tan. I am just hoping that we can find a fairly white piece for the kitchen, because I don't like really streaked pieces.

  5. When I click on the picture it says that I am forbidden access to the FMLS server.

    When I encounter problems like this, I simply upload the pictures into my flickr account. You don't even have to download them first onto your computer - you simply go into flickr and paste the url and upload them. Then, you insert the picture through the flickr url into your post.

    For some reason, I assumed that you were in Atlanta. Since you are not, you probably don't know that directly across the street from this house you profiled is a house that is being built with Stan Dixon as the architect, and Graham Pittman as the landscape architect. It is a gracious and beautiful Georgian home with perfect proportions, on one of the most beautiful 2 acre lots in Atlanta. I have become friends with the woman building the home as we kept bumping into each other at Stan Dixon's office, so I have had the great pleasure of touring the home several times. It is spectacular - all of the rooms have wonderful views and great proportions. One of my favorite parts is that you walk in the front door, and have the perfect view from the front to the back; the pool is lined up on this axis, and beyond the pool is a grassy area that is about the size of a football field. The lot is wide and spacious, and the master is on the 2nd floor, which means that they did not have to cram too much stuff into the main floor (it makes a difference whether you put the master on the main or the second - compromises must be made when putting the master on the main, as it takes up a lot of space).

  6. PS - they just limewashed the house across the street, and it looks wonderful. I knew they were going to do it, but it still was a surprise to see the house change from red to soft buff. Stan has a great person do the limewash - and he does it in a technique that looks like the natural weather patterns have been working on the house for years (for example, where rain water from a gutter usually strikes a house, he does the limewash in a thinner layer).

  7. Holly thanks for the tip, I am setting up the flickr account right now! I wish I could see the home you are referring too, Stan Dixon is currently my favorite architect, I'm a huge fan of his work.

  8. Dear Columns and Balustrades, Thank you for your wonderful blog on our Spitzmiller & Norris house! There was a two story portico on the front of this house (not original to the house) that we had removed, which allowed light into the front rooms of the house and gave the house a classic fresh look. The brick was lime washed by Lazar using San Marco products. The same as process we used on the house we just finished a few blocks away. Things That Inspire just did a wonderful blog on this house! I understand Stan uses San Marco as well. San Marco is such a terrific product


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