Friday, October 8, 2010

A Buckhead renovation... for the worst

Recently, while scouring the Atlanta real estate listings, I came across a home that I instantly recognized. An old favorite of mine, that I had seen years ago.

The beautiful 1920's Spanish home as I remembered it. I loved how dignified it looked with the towering trees. Photo courtesy of

And now the home in the real estate listing:
The home is definitely different. I'm not a fan of what they did to the stucco, but it only gets worse from here.

These next pictures are beyond words, in a bad way.

This almost makes me sad, to think that every room of this home was stripped of its history and replaced by gaudy, over the top details that, to be honest, make me want to throw up.

This is something I need the Atlanta residents' opinions on: Did you notice this home being renovated? How does the house look in person? Personally, I think the owners absolutely ruined a beautiful home.

The owner happens to be notorious real estate developer Lee Najjar. I do not like to gossip, and this is a home design blog, not the tabloids, so instead of gossiping, I suggest a quick google of his name. You will most likely find out more then you would want to know about this man.
To each his own I guess.

Photos courtesy of Homes of the Rich


  1. I now go by this about once a week, too fast to really take them in. Even the biggest/best houses on Paces Ferry are kind-of grown into the environment. This went from part of the scenery to neck-snapping noticeable.

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